Like a Broken Record

We've started to get a ton of email, which is awesome. We really appreciate everyone who has been showing us love over the last couple of days. As is, we're spending so much time responding to email that it's eating away at our ability to advance the goals of the project. This FAQ answers some of the most common questions.

Don't hesitate to get in touch but please read the FAQ first to save us all the extra step. Thanks!

"Can I buy a CD and have you mail it to me?"

Nope. We are not distributing the Jay-Z Construction Set at all. And we're definitely not selling it, so offering money is not going to change our minds! Check out the download page to see how to cop the archive through BitTorrent.


"I'm on a 56k modem, can you mail me a CD?"

Sorry. We aren't sending out any CD-ROMs. Find a friend who has fast internet or hit up a school computer lab- they're everywhere.


"I'm the next Timba/ Neptunes/ Kanye. Can you get my phat beatz to Hov?"

Naw. We have no connections. You gotta do the legwork yourself, kid.


"Can you pass my phone number on to the people at Roc-a-fella?"

Nope. We're not affiliated with Rocafella, Jay-Z, or anyone else for that matter. It's just Claire and Sherm.


"When I try to download the file, BitTorrent gives me this error..."

Try checking out Brian's BitTorrent FAQ for info on the different error messages.


"I don't want to use BitTorrent. Can you put it on an FTP site/ newsgroup/ Kazaa/ etc ?"

Although BitTorrent is the preferred method for getting the Jay-Z Construction Set, it likely isn't the only way. As far as distribution is concerned, we are finished. One avenue to consider is posting up around forums such as or to ask people to post it elsewhere for you. We've heard rumors that it's floating around emule already.


"Can you hook me up with the acapellas?"

The acapellas are included with the Jay-Z Construction Set but if that's all you want, you're better off buying them from a place like Sandbox Automatic or downloading the mp3s from a filesharing network.


"I'm behind a firewall. Can I still get the Set?"

You can download (or "leech") with BitTorrent from behind a firewall but in order to share (or "seed") a file, you need to enable port forwarding which can get kinda hairy. Don't know if you need it? NatCheck is a tool that will help.


"How do I run the program?"

The Jay-Z Construction Set is not a single piece of software. It is a collection of various elements that can be used together to create a remix. Once you've downloaded and unzipped the Set, a good place to begin is by opening the "index.html" file in a web browser.


"What's up with Shouldn't it be .torrent?"

This bug only affects Safari users. We recommend either trying a different browser or manually renaming the file to Complain to Steve Jobs about this one.


"Is this a scam so that Rocafella can net some new production dirt cheap?"

You wish.


"Are you just a front for the RIAA? Am I going to get narc'd on after I drop my first 4/4?"

No way. We are entirely independent and unaffiliated. Scouts' honor.


"Does Sherman exist?"

Do bears dig honey?


"Is Claire hot?"

Hotter than the hottest hot.


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12 November 2005

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